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172                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

who is now a great crony of Talleyrand's, and
Simon Dumesny, grandson of Helvetius.

M. Perignon has invited me to dinner for
next Decade, and adds this apostille: " Les repr<§-
sentans Portalis, Cambaceres, et Isnard, qui doivent
Łtre des notres, s'applaudissent beaucoup de vous
connoitre; je partage leur empressement, et j'ose
esp6rer que vous ne vous refuserez pas d nos d6sirs

The newspapers dixere quid essent hi homines;
but I shall be glad to know them in spite of Mr.
Burke's broad R.

I meet with great civility from people I never
knew before, and by remaining quiet, recueilli and
steady, I shall not risk losing any ground, and I
may gain.

The other day the municipality of Melun wrote
to the Ministre de PInt6rieur a petition, and signed
it, "Votre tres humble et tres obdssante servante,
la municipalite de Melun.9*

M. d'Hautefort lives at an immense rate, giving
monthly concerts, which cost him a hundred and
fifty guineas in music.

In Robespierre's time the direction of an
English letter was sufficient to condemn anyone
on whom it was found; at present things are very